Your Vision

A vision of your dream deserves preferential treatment and so do you. The Wayne Barnes Team is dedicated to providing you superior performance and the highest standard of quality craftsmanship available in Central Texas. Your satisfaction is paramount from the moment your initial contact is made, our team’s forty plus years of experience is put to work to guarantee a finished product that makes your vision, your dream come to life.

At Wayne Barnes Company we believe an educated Owner makes the best building Client. We start that education with a thorough explanation of the complete building process. You will have an opportunity to learn about the six most common mistakes made when building your custom vision. Exactly how do you analyze a pad site? What are reasonable architectural fees? How do you save money in the design stages? True renovation costs? The more we can teach you, the better decisions you make about your vision, including the true costs of building the vision of your dreams. This knowledge we like to pass on creates a foundation of trust and confidence in forming great relationships with all our clients, which we have held onto through the years.

Project development is critical.  Many hours are spent reviewing the site, developing the plans and specifications, costs of different types of materials, and consulting with different subcontractors. Precise methodical steps are followed to ensure that the finished construction plans are a proper balance of both creative and practical ideas. At Wayne Barnes Company we like to call it “value engineering” and it guarantees that you will receive the highest quality and best value for your investment.

Wayne Barnes Company, Inc. is a quality oriented construction company. Wayne Barnes, himself, is very well known to personally supervise every step of the construction progress. The Wayne Barnes Company is considered to be hardworking, honest and thorough, and has earned a reputation for standing behind their finished product.

Wayne Barnes has made building his life and enjoys every aspect of his work. It is not just a business to him; rather, a personal pleasure to make visions of dreams come to life. He takes pride in the fine craftsmanship and quality production his company delivers, marking the quality of his construction and assuring the pride of ownership by his clients.